By Don Martini
(c) 2004

The Georgia Department of Education, with great good sense and equal courage has decided to remove references to evolution from Georgia schools, and is being buried beneath an avalanche of ridicule, much by journalists who can't tell a molecule from a macaroon. Truth is: the theory violates all actual science:

PREBIOTIC SOUP: For 50 years researches have performed experiments passing high voltage sparks through collections of gasses like the atmospheres of Jupiter and Saturn and drawing the reaction products into a separate chamber away from the spark. Some amino acids resulted, small structures of 10 to 27 atoms which link to build proteins. Theory says radiation on earth's early atmosphere made vast quantities of amino acids which joined to make polypeptides & proteins in pools on the shoulders of volcanoes at about 175 degrees. So how many proteins have been produced in these experiments? Zero!

HERE'S how proteins are made in the REAL WORLD, Not in evolutionists Imaginations: The designs of all living things are stored in the DNA of each species. DNA resembles a spiral ladder with rungs of bases connecting the rails. There are 4 kinds of bases, A, G, C and T in DNA. The plans for the creature are called genes, from which we get the word genetic. Each cell has a complete set of DNA instructions for the ENTIRE body, all hereditary characteristics, color of eyes, shape of teeth, etc. Every cell possesses more information than a hundred Britannicas stored in a DNA strand six feet long, coiled into every cell's nucleus. So miniaturized is this system that the DNA for all species that ever lived on earth, including bacteria, would easily fit in an aspirin.

A special enzyme (a protein) unzips a section of the DNA, peels back one of the double strands. Messenger RNA [mRNA] conforms to the exposed section to transcribe the DNA instructions. 3 DNA rungs are used to spell out each of the 20 varieties of amino acids which may be used to make the new protein. After absorbing the instructions the mRNA detaches from the DNA which zips back together.

The mRNA exits the nucleus and moves to a ribosome in the cytoplasm for protein synthesis. The required amino acids are brought to the RNA template and link to it, forming a protein sequence Special protein adapters, enzymes, perform this linking process. There are 3 adapters for each of the 20 types of amino acids, 60 all told. The completed new protein is unzipped from the mRNA. Fiat accompli!

This process takes place in seconds, millions of times a day in you. This is a simplified outline of protein formation, one authority lists 19 separate steps and dozens of enzymes required for the process. The critical question is: Source of information? Where did the precise design for 30,000 proteins in your body originate? And for the tens of millions of species which have lived on our planet? The notion this perfection of precision came into being without design or designer, is LUDICROUS "The senseless one has said in his heart, There is no Jehovah." (Psalm 14)

CONSIDER EXPERIMENTS with methane & ammonia exposed to high voltage sparks:

  1. There is no evidence Earth ever had such an atmosphere. None at all! Nihil! Zero!

  2. Amino acids and peptides [linked amino acids] and proteins [large biological polypeptides] aren't alive, just components of living cells. They have the relation-ship to a living cell as a rivet to a 747.

  3. Amino acids are much less stable than most small molecules. If they remain in the reaction zone the spark decomposes them quickly, so in the experiments they were isolated from the energy source. Not so in reality. The thermodynamic point of equilibrium would prevent accumulation.

  4. Per the theory Earth's early atmosphere contained no oxygen or ozone to filter out ultraviolet rays. UV destroys amino acids. Said M. G. Rutten in The Origin of Life: One of the many paradoxes encountered in the early history of life is the fact that the same rays of the sun which formed the building blocks of the molecules of life were lethal for life.

  5. Methane and ammonia are poisonous gasses. I've never seen a description of how this fantasized methane/ammonia atmosphere converted to nitrogen/oxygen. It had to be sudden, instantaneously, for as soon as life really got started it would be killed off by the gasses. On the other hand if the oxygen arrived too soon the protinoids & amino acids would be oxidized, destroyed.

  6. DNA & RNA and dozens of enzymes are necessary for protein replication. Amino acids in an evaporation pond would destroy the bases necessary for DNA & RNA. There's no general model for the spontaneous synthesis of DNA & RNA. Chemicals essential to the process, aldehydes and hydrogen cyanide would evaporate too.

  7. When amino acids bond to form peptides and proteins the linkage involves the loss of two hydrogen atoms from the amino, NH3, site and an atom of oxygen from the carboxyl [CO2] site of the adjacent amino acid and a molecule of water is formed as a by-product. It's a DEHYDRATION PROCESS! Linked amino acids, peptides, can not accumulate in the sea since they're formed by dehydration and dissolve when hydro-lyzed. This also eliminates sub sea hydrothermal vents as evolutionary kickstarters.

  8. Consider E-Coli, about 2,500 different proteins averaging 400 amino acids each, Many of these 2,500 proteins are enzymes indispensable for cell function, and each must have perfect amino acid sequence to work. Sickle-cell anemia derives from a single incorrect amino acid: valine instead of glutamic acid in position 6 of the B chain In hemoglobin. Calculate the probability of random synthesis of a 37-peptide protein represented by these words: To be, or not to be, that is the question [30 letters, 9 spaces, 1 comma] At the rate of a million attempts per second it would take longer than the age of the universe. A process that requires longer than the age of the universe is impossible. Do you really believe E-Coli designed himself, or Ultrasaurus?

  9. But suppose a smart scientist goes into a lab, put the gasses in the bottle, and 30 minutes later has a frog: What's been accomplished? A demonstration that intelligence creates life. GOD!

  10. There's never been a conference or symposium dealing with the spontaneous construction of proteins and living cells. Informed evolutionists know it's impossible but still believe it. Even the most promising, technically sophisticated attempts to demonstrate the origin of life from nonliving chemicals are still guesses and gropes in the dark. For almost a century, many scientists have taught that some version of the spark in the soup theory must be true. Repetition of this idea as a fact without sufficient evidence, has done a disservice Encyclopedia of Evolution: Humanity's Search for Its Origins by Richard Milner Alice, in the tale Through the Looking-Glass was incredulous at the weird logic of the White Queen, and said One cant believe impossible things. Said the White Queen: "I dare say you haven't had much practice. When I was your age I did it for half an hour a day. Why sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast."

The evolution of the genetic machinery is the step for which there are no laboratory models; hence we can speculate endlessly, unfettered by inconvenient facts Scientific American 9/78

"Some of the oldest and most troublesome questions about human evolution remain unanswered. The proponents of various hypotheses may be wrong on the very points on which they're surest they are right. All views on evolution are built on seeming facts that vary widely in their degree of reliability" Professor/Anthropology S. L. Washburn, University/California.

In the current debate on creation versus evolution, the DEFECT OF THE EVOLUTIONARY THEORY receives little attention. I surmise the reason is that we have almost no ideas. Kempthorne in American Biologist 1983 pg. 111

No real evolutionist, whether gradualist or punctuationist, uses the fossil record as evidence Professor Ridley of Oxford University in The New Scientist 1981 830-1

Darwinism remains the only truly scientific theory of evolution. It was the lack of any kind of obvious scientific alternative which was one of its great attractions in the nineteenth century [page 355] One might have expected that a theory of such cardinal importance, would have been something more than metaphysics, something more than a myth.[358] Microbiologist Michael Denton in Evolution, a Theory in Crisis ADLER & ADLER Publishers, Bethesda MD DENTON PREFERS MYTHOLOGY BECAUSE HE CANT ABIDE THE REALITY of DIVINE DESIGN: CREATION!

Wrote biochemist Richard Dickerson, Member of the National Academy of Sciences in the Journal of Molecular Evolution: Science, fundamentally, is a game. It is a game with one overriding and defining rule: RULE NO. 1: Let us see how far and to what extent we can explain the behavior of the physical and material universe in terms of purely physical and material causes, without invoking the supernatural. The list of coincidences, all of them essential to our existence kept getting longer. The more I read the more became convinced that such could hardly have happened by chance.

Something else grew as well. Even now it is difficult to express this something in words. It was an intense revulsion and at times it was almost physical in nature. I would positively squirm with discomfort As we survey all the evidence the thought insistently arises that some supernatural agency must be involved. Is it possible that suddenly, without intending to it we have stumbled upon scientific proof of the existence of a Supreme Being? Was it God who stepped in and so providentially drafted the cosmos for our benefit? Geo Greenstein in The Symbiotic Universe. Dickerson finally hit it right, even though it made him sick.


  1. They say its been going on for 4 billion years, yet they date the first appearance of multi-cellular creatures, metazoa, at 543 MY ago in the Cambrian era. Suddenly millions of fully formed fossils of thousands of species are presented without trace of ancestors! Who filched the fossils?

    Wrote Darwin in Origin of the Species: If our theory be true, it is indisputable that before the lowest Cambrian stratum was deposited long periods elapsed, and that during these periods the world swarmed with living creatures. Here we encounter a formidable objection To the question why we not find rich fossiliferous deposits belonging to these assumed earliest periods prior to the Cambrian system, I can give no answer. 150 years later this unanswerable objection remains and it is prima facie evidence of divine creation.

  2. Paleontology reveals great discontinuity. Species appear abruptly, without ancestors, and end just as abruptly. Cyclic extinctions destroyed millions of species which were immediately followed by completely differentiate types. The doctrine requires the opposite: continuity. Admitted Nobel laureate, biologist and mathematician and evolutionist Lecomte du Nouy in Human Destiny:

    In brief, each group, order, or family seems to be born suddenly and we hardly ever find the forms which link them to the preceding strain. When we discover them they are already completely differentiated. Not only do we find practically no transitional forms, but in general it is impossible to authentically connect a new group with an ancient one.

  3. Mutations, said to be the mechanism of evolution, are uniformly destructive. To base a theory of progressive improvement on a destructive process is trying to multiply by subtraction.

  4. The remains of all pre-human ancestors will fit in a child's coffin. APES!

  5. The geologic column has never been found, exists only in imagination.

  6. The great advantage of evolution is: If our ancestors were animals, we can act like beasts!

  7. Now lets discuss religion, you know, believing in something you cant see, like the Big Bang: The mathematics of this theory require 100 times more matter than there is in the universe. The Mystery of the Missing Mass! There is barely 1 percent of the mass that the universe should contain according to the Big Bang theory, tells The Universe Explained...

    The text provides the enlightening chapter WERE HERE BECAUSE WERE HERE: So many factors had to be just right for life to come about, that it seems as though the universe must have been created specifically for this purpose. Life started once organic molecules learned to make copies of themselves so they could pass on instructions. Henry Holt & Co. New York, 1994

    Yep, them molecules learned. Nobody taught em. Did it by themselves. Right smart!

  8. And what have we learned from 50 years of scanning the heavens with large array antennas that monitor a million frequencies/second, listening for some signal, some faint evidence there is intelligent life in outer space? Carl Sagan estimated billions and billions. Carl's numbers were slightly high, as were told by the 700 page Oxford University Press text The Anthropic Cosmological Principle, by renowned cosmologists Barrow & Tippler, who confess: there has developed a general consensus among evolutionists that the evolution of intelligent life, comparable to Homo sapiens, is so improbable that it is unlikely to have occurred on any other planet in the entire visible universe If it couldn't happen anywhere else, it couldn't happen here!

This religion can't be discussed without fantasizing and guesswork. Said Professor/Geology M G RUTTEN, of the University of Utrecht in The ORIGIN of LIFE By NATURAL CAUSES, Ch. 8: HYPOTHETICAL CHARACTER OF ASSUMPTIONS ABOUT THE EARLY EVOLUTION OF LIFE We will in this Chapter consider some aspects of the early evolution of life which at some stage or other must have played their part during the early evolution of life. It is, however, impossible to tell might have occurred .. most obscure indicate might what must have happened anyway sometime Elsevier Publishing Co Amsterdam, New York

RUTTEN should write children's books. This antiscientific claptrap is pure Mother Goose! I work with chemical detergents. Were I to produce a cleaner to efface Georgia's Stone Mountain Monument the outrage would be cataclysmic! Well, Stone Mountain, the Park, this beautiful planet, every butterfly and you and I are testimony to an Almighty Creator. I'm outraged by this mythology and the media, which blindly prattle it as truth. Like Nazis, this pseudoscientific priesthood, a master race of intellectual maniacs, marches us to futility: now we must go to Mars to learn how life began. A trillion dollars for an atheists prayer!

Darwinism has freed our modern generation from faith. Humanity is purposeless. Were concoctions of impersonal forces in a meaningless universe. Just naked apes. morality is out, ME is in, and there's no such thing as sin. So look how happy this godless philosophy has made us! The fool has said in his heart: there is no Jehovah. They have acted ruinously, they have acted detestably. (Psalm 14)


NATURES DESTINY Michael Denton, Simon & Shuster, New York Microbiologist Denton is a lucid writer. An evolutionist despite his facts.

DARWIN'S BLACK BOX 307 pages Michael Behe

[For a list of additional recommended reading materials on this subject matter by the author please feel free to contact him through FOCI - thank you]

Believing the first verse of the Holy Bible, In the beginning God Created the heavens and the Earth, is the foundation for eternal life. You actually bet your life on your beliefs about God. Play Dickerson's game and you can be dead forever.



The religion of evolution is a goldmine for authors, illustrators and publishers who produce a river of speculation on the earliest human remains, bone catalogues and kids books with Alley Oop illustrations. Leading propagandists include Time-Warner and National Apographic. Example: The ROAD TO HOMO SAPIENS, a chart from the Life Nature Library book EARLY MAN, which hangs in thousands of classrooms purporting 25 million years of human evolution:

What were the stages of mans long march from apelike ancestors to sapiens? Beginning at right and progressing across four more pages are milestones of primate and human evolution, as scientists know them today, pieced together from the fragmentary fossil evidence. It is a revealing story because it graphically illustrates how much can be learned from how little many of the figures shown here have been built up from a jaw, some teeth perhaps, and thus are products of educated guessing.

Come now the drawings, but the captions contradict the pictures:

MY= Million Years

PLIOPITHECUS (25 MY) "On the basis of its teeth and skull it is now classed as an ancestor of the gibbon"

PROCONSUL (20 MY) An ancestor of the chimpanzee and perhaps of the gorilla

DRYOPITHECUS (15 MY) Can be described from a few jaws and teeth. First of the fossil great apes

OREOPITHECUS (10 MY) It is now better known and was clearly an aberrant ape

RAMAPITHECUS (5 MY) The earliest manlike primate found so far. Ramapithecus is thought by some experts to be the oldest of mans ancestors in a direct line. This hominid status is predicated upon a few teeth, some fragments of jaw and a palate unmistakably human in shape (Of course, Other experts disagree)

There's no 25 MY chain of our ancestors, just a collection of apes, gibbons, gorillas and chimps. So why are their pictures in your family album? They've nothing else to fill the space! The next 3 places on the chart are various australopithecines. (southern apes) which brings it up to 1.5 MY ago. But the premier evolutionist of our time, Richard E Leakey, denies these apes could be our ancestors.

Ashley Montague tells us in his book MAN, HIS FIRST MILLION YEARS: The skull of all Australopithecines is extremely apelike. The vault of the skull is low and in some forms a well-developed crest similar to that of the male gorilla runs from back to front on the top of the head. Such creatures could not have been a direct ancestor to man. Aussie had a skull capacity of 450 cubic centimeters, yours is 1,300-1,600, 3 or 4 times larger. He wasn't your daddy! Next on the chart are Homo Erectus, Early Homo Sapiens and Solo Man, known only form two shin bones and some skull fragments. Do you consider this hogwash evidence? Finally the chart comes to Neanderthal, that stooped brute illustrated trudging along under the malevolent stare of the giant cave bear. That's how EARLY MAN pictures him. Not so, not so! Page 123-4 reveals: Put him in a Brooks Brothers suit and send him down to the supermarket and he might pass completely unnoticed. In other words, Neanderthal mans and modern mans ranges of variation overlap Today a good many anthropologists would probably say that they were members of the same species.

The guy who drew the pictures should have talked to the fellow who wrote the book. We've got Neanderthals walking Peachtree Street right now!

Four thousand million years ago
In a quiet sea, by the warm sunglow
A raindrop to a dust mote said
Tho you can't think and I am dead
We've got to plan for what's ahead

You be a fish, swim to and fro
I'll be a bird, just watch me go!
Tho you can't think, and I've no eyes
We'll accidentally organize
Into an ape and then a Man
We'll do it all without a plan

Do you find this hard to conceive
Don't reason on it, just believe
Ignore the facts, be "Scientific"
Believe in things that aren't specific
It's taught in every institution
This Religion they call Evolution

"EVOLUTION" (c) 2004 by Don Martini